4-H Record Book Contest


4-H Record Books are due to OSU Extension Office by 5pm on Friday, October 15 to be judged for this year’s Record Book Contest.

Record books must be clean, complete, and ready to be judged when dropped off. They must include the Resume, Project, Photo and My 4-H Story records.

Contact Fay if you have questions.

What to know how your Record Book will be scored?


4-H youth in 4th-12th grades keep three kinds of records: A Resume Record, Project Records and Photo Records.

The Resume Record is a complete account of all of a member’s educational, citizenship, leadership, and volunteer activities in and outside of 4-H. The Resume Record runs from year to year. Many teen members find the Resume Record to be a useful tool to refer to when applying for a first job or for higher education, hence its name.

Projects Records are specifically formatted for a given project. They are used to record a member’s activities and learning, as well as any materials used and financial cost or profit gained.

If you participated in the 2021 Linn County or Oregon State fairs, update your Resume Record and Project Records with your fair entry results. Don’t forget to update your Resume Record with summer field trips, service projects and any awards that you earned.

Photo Records show a member actively participating in their project and show a pictorial story of the member’s 4-H year. Pictures should have captions that include the 4-H project, date of activity, and a short description of the photo.

The My 4-H Story is an essay review of a member’s 4-H year. Refer to the Resume, Project and Photo records when you write your story.

County Medals

County Medals are available to recognize 4-H members in project or activity areas who have demonstrated advanced accomplishments in a 4-H project, as well as in leadership and citizenship activities.

County Medal applications are due with completed 4-H Record Books to OSU Extension Office by 5pm on Friday, October 15. Most members who apply for County Medals also enter the Record Book Contest.


Members must be in the 7th through 12th grades.
Members may receive only one project medal per year.
Members may also receive a Fashion Revue Medal or an Achievement Medal in the same year they receive a project medal.

If merited by outstanding accomplishment, members may receive the same medal once as an Intermediate and once as a Senior. (Exception: Fashion Revue and Achievement Medals may only be awarded once to any member).

Selection Procedure:

Counties are responsible for developing a procedure to select county medal winners. It is recommended that counties form a Recognition Committee to review medal applications.

Guidelines for Evaluating County Medal Applications:

Experiences in 4-H Projects and Activities – 50% As shown by:

New knowledge, attitudes and skills learned
Scope and characteristics of projects and activities
Project and activity participation experiences

Experiences in 4-H Leadership – 25% As shown by:

Leadership participation
Offices held and committee assignments

Experiences in Citizenship and Community Service – 25% As shown by:

Development of positive attitudes toward service to others
Participation in citizenship and community service activities

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