Marine Science (Full)

Marine Science will be a combination of group learning and field trip experience. The group will focus primarily on elementary and middle school grades. We will be learning about different ocean ecosystems that are found throughout the various zones of the oceans. We will focus on marine life throughout the layers of the ocean and the intertidal zone, how weather and the water cycle affect life, and the effects of humans on the ecology of the oceans using the scientific method. Members that want to create projects for the Linn County Fair will be supported and will include individual or group Educational Displays and Science Investigation Displays. Children of all ages need to be accompanied by an adult to club meetings and field trips.

(Limited to 20 members)

Age range: 5 - 19 years old

Meeting Info

Please bring a sack lunch if you are staying for Legos and Geology

4th Thursday 10:30 am - 11:30 am