LCSWA Tree Seedling Sale Pre-order Sale

The Linn County Small Woodlands Association (LCSWA) is holding its 27th Annual Seedling Sale on February 5, 2022, at the Linn County Fairgrounds and Expo Center.

The sale funds forestry-related scholarships that are awarded to 4-H Forestry project members and OSU Forestry students, as well as other programs that promote forest and natural resource education.

On February 4th, 4-H and LCSWA members work together to fill pre-orders that will be picked-up at the official sale on the 5th.

Both the 4-H and LCSWA members appreciate all the help that they can receive in setting-up and working the Seedling Sale. 4-H members who want to volunteer may contact Fay Sallee to sign-up.

Pre-order deadline:
January 22, 2022

2020 Tree Seedling Sale
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