Geology/Outdoors (Full)

Geology is a mix of field trip, classroom, and hands-on learning. We focus on key geology topics (rock cycle, identification, erosion, fossils, etc). If our club members have a particular area of interest, we are ready to dive in! One of our goals is to assist each member in creating a unique rock box collection that they will be proud to show at the Linn County Fair.

This year Geology will also include activities from the Outdoor Exploration and Science project area during the last 45 minutes of the meeting. The focus will be outdoor survival and will include activities such as map reading, compass work, knot tying, fishing, building shelters, finding water, and more! Monica Macedo will co-lead these activities.

Some of our proposed field trips are to Ankeny Hill Educational Center, OSU forest, McDowell Creek, Roaring River Fish Hatchery, Timber-Linn Lake, and Cheadle Lake.

All children must be accompanied by an adult. 

(Limited to 20 members)

Age range: 5 - 19 years old

Meeting Info

4th Thursday 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm